ControlMate 3G
SMS site monitor & controller

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ControlMate 3G offers comprehensive SMS and dial-in control of FOUR separate isolated inputs and output relays.

  1. 3G connectivity ensures reliable operation when 2G is switched off
    Free Dial-in to initiate any controller function independently for each user. Dial-in supports free callback upon successful actions.

  2. TEN user profiles identified by Caller-ID and Name
    User Access List allows / denies individual users control of specific outputs.
    Admin/User status to protect controller settings

  3. Time-of-day / Timers provide TEN scheduled events that include multiple days-of-week for flexible command assignment of any recurring controller command - even modifying themselves!
  1. Adjustable input on/off delay hysteresis to avoid input chatter.
    Input state changes may initiate any controller command
  1. Pulsed duration / Flashing control of outputs
  1. SLAVE functionality Two or more units may co-operate in a team for wide-area applications. Any distance covered by 3G cellular communications.
  1. Plain Text SMS notifications of changes at the controller

  2. Counters on individual inputs and outputs notify you when a limit has been reached.

  3. Local 'wired' PC support for rapid local configuration
    (requires an additional cable)



SMSBox/ControlMate V1 (sold before 30 Aug 2016)

ControlMate V2 (sold after 30 Aug 2016)