I don't think like other people... Use it.

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A broad range of roles in technology, broadcast and electronics project delivery with local and multi-national companies both here and overseas..

-- Requirements
-- Specification
-- Budget
-- Design
-- Oversight
-- Configuration
-- Documentation
-- Training
-- Maintenance Strategy


-- Microsoft Office Suite
-- AutoCAD
-- Protel/DXP/Altium
-- MS Project
-- MS Visio
-- VBA
-- Embedded C development

-- Operations
-- Engineering
-- Team Management
-- Product Development
-- Workflow improvements

Moderately conservative, I like to understand requirements before slapping on a new coat of technology for its own sake! Network aware business intelligence is so fragmented - it will incur rework costs continuously for the next 40 years!

Creator of --
* MEDIAPROXY (www.mediaproxy.com) Broadcast Logging Solutions
* FREEDOM 4D contextual data management and mining platform - without an application defined record structure.
* TIMETRAK multi-timebase/time-zone networked scheduling application
* SWARM - unbreakable security for automotive & other context aware platforms
* MANIFESTO (www.manifesto.SL4P.net) guaranteed unbreakable distributed file & stream security
* PINGthing ( low-cost, hardware based TCP/IP confidence monitoring and alarms
* DMXmagic - downstream DMX-512 protocol memory & branch/control device.
* SQUEEL the fully functional, smooth-running, square wheel for material handling & security/safety

All are in working DEV/POC stage, or live production.